Southwest Virginia

Living in Virginia for the first 30 years of my life, I try to get back up there at least once a year, particularly since my best friend Charlotte lives in southwestern Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. This was my second trip to my home state this year, but my first time in the Roanoke area in 2 years.

Sat. Nov. 7

Southwest Virginia (November 2015)After flying in Friday night, Saturday started off wet and drizzly. We had tentative plans for the day but the damp forecast forced us to change them up.  The morning rain didn’t stop us though from having a delicious breakfast at Scrambled, a cute little restaurant in downtown Roanoke. The ambiance was really nice and the vanilla french toast and apple cider bacon were amazing. Our new plans were to check out the 2 new local disc golf courses, a fun 9-hole course in Roanoke and a fantastic championship-caliber 18-holer in Troutville.  It rained a bit on us at the first course but by the time we arrived at the Troutville course, it had stopped for good. Both courses were really challenging and even though Charlotte didn’t play, she really enjoyed the walk and commented on how she’d like to come back to do some hiking at these parks.

As we were looking for a bite to eat in Troutville, I asked Charlotte how her friend Steph was doing. She then proceeded to call Steph and we now had dinner plans with Steph and her family, with one caveat…she didn’t know I was in town and would be partaking in the family feast. I hadn’t seen Steph in 6 years, and it definitely caught her off guard when I mysteriously showed up in her dining room. It was so nice to meet her husband and kids for the first time, and the dinner and conservation was fantastic.

After saying goodbye, my friend and I did our traditional trek up to Mill Mountain to overlook the city lights of Roanoke and see the star. Unfortunately, the whippin’ wind and cold temps made for a quick viewing, as we took a couple pictures and then were back in the car after about 2 minutes.

Sun. Nov. 8

Our Saturday plans now became Sunday’s, which was a trip up north towards Staunton, Virginia over to Crabtree Falls, one of the tallest sets of waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. After a visit back to Scrambled for another scrumptious breakfast (yes, I got the same thing!), we headed out for the beautiful Sunday drive. We happened to pass by the Cyrus McCormick Farm, which I hadn’t been to in over 17 years, so of course, we had to make a stop there. This really got me missing Virginia and didn’t make matters any better as we drove along gorgeous scenic roads, with the colorful leaves still hanging in there.

We met up with another one of Charlotte’s friends at the falls parking lot and proceeded along the 2-mile hike to the stunning set of waterfalls. I’ve seen alot of Virginia but I do believe this was first time at Crabtree and it was truly a beautiful experience. When we got back to our cars, we started to devour an apple pie Cami had made, and then it was back to the airport and back home to Florida. I might have left Virginia but Virginia will never leave me!

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