I spent the weekend up in Indiana and Kentucky, where I visited two of my best friends from Florida. They moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky about 6 months ago and I told them I would come visit them later this year.

Sat. Oct. 24

After flying in Friday night to Louisville and staying just north in New Albany, Indiana, I spent Saturday morning playing a few disc golf courses in southern Indiana before hitting some more in and around the Louisville area. Although it was a chilly cloudy day, it took me back to those same types of days growing up in Virginia. I then headed over to E-town to see my friends for the first time in half a year. Ed and I went out for a nice lunch as we caught up, and then he played tour guide as he showed me around the beautiful rolling hills and farmlands of the area. We picked up his wife in the evening and shot the breeze about the past, present and future.

Fort Duffield Civil War Site

Sun. Oct. 25

On Sunday morning, we went out for a nice breakfast and drove over to Freeman Lake Park. Ironically, Freeman Lake has a great disc golf course that I had played 6 years ago. I didn’t play the course this time but we did check out the replica of Abraham Lincoln’s step-mother’s log cabin. We then dropped off Ed’s wife at work and he went to back to tour-guide mode, as we made our first stop at the beautiful Saunders Springs Nature Preserve. A nice lake, small waterfalls, several trails and groundhogs highlight this preserve that greets you with a few old wooden houses at the entrance.

Next up was Fort Duffield, a Civil War historic site.  A big-time Civil War buff, I truly enjoyed this place, especially since it was the first Civil War site I’ve ever been to in Kentucky. The history here is just as amazing as the overlooks spread throughout the park.

Our next stop was also Civil War-related, as it was the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. I never knew he was born in Kentucky, and even though the log cabin he was born in is actually a replica of it, I found it fascinating that the replica was built in 1840, just 30 years after his birth. It did strike as me as odd that it was enclosed in a concrete building which looked an awful lot like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC – even the steps leading up to the entrance were very Lincoln Memorial-ish.

Unfortunately, we had to get heading back as I had to catch my plane back out of Louisville, but it was so great to see my friends again and we even talked about getting together next year.

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