Maine-New Brunswick

I’ve been meaning to go back to Maine since I was last there 4 years ago, so I did a quick weekend trip up to Bangor and even into New Brunswick, Canada, playing disc golf and checking out lighthouses.

Sept. 26

An early morning flight landed me in Bangor around 11 am, where I immediately went to the dual disc golf courses down the road in Orrington. I next played the fun course in Holden before making my way east towards the coast. I did have to get a little adventurous in trying to get a decent picture of the Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse near Calais, but it was worth it in seeing Maine’s northernmost lighthouse.

As I then made down to Lubec, my GPS decided to have some fun with me and led me to the island of Eastport. Apparently, my GPS thought I was driving a boat and tried to tell me to drive across the bay to Lubec. I joke that my GPS is my girlfriend as we’ve spent so much time together over the past 5 years – I think she was trying to kill me this time! Even when I turned around to go off the island, she kept saying to go back! Luckily, I didn’t listen to her – unluckily, I had a good hour drive ahead of me and it was starting to get dark soon. I was able to catch the sunset along the way at Cobscook Bay State Park but another GPS failure led me into Canada a little earlier than I expected.

As I crossed over into New Brunswick, I told the border guard it was my GPS’s fault. He let me in with no problem (not the case when I was in Calgary a week before), but I turned around immediately and then had to explain to the US border patrol my ‘girlfriend’ was to blame. Luckily I did turn back quickly as I just made it in time for dinner at Cohill’s Inn, where I was also staying the night.

Sept. 27

I had the crazy idea to watch the sunrise since I was right on the coast (Lubec is actually easternmost town in the US) – crazy because it was below freezing outside. Yet I somehow managed to get up in time and the arctic temps made sure I was wide awake.  I really enjoyed walking around the extremely small but very quaint town, and really got a kick out of seeing the Mulholland Point Lighthouse right across the water (and border). I then got some great close-up shots of it as I drove back over into New Brunswick and onto Campobello Island.

By crossing the border, I was immediately an hour ahead and this was very important to know as I was hoping to do a lighthouse cruise around the island at 10 am. I had some time before the cruise left so I went to the end of the island and viewed the Head Harbour Lighthouse, aka East Quoddy lighthouse. During low tide, you can cross the water to get right up to the light, but you better hurry up and get back across or the quick tides will strand you at the light, as it is way too dangerous to try to cross back over. The high tides kept me from even thinking of doing this, and you better believe, if it was low tide, I’d be fool enough to give it a try!

I then drove back to where to the lighthouse cruise was departing from, only to find out the cruise wasn’t leaving for another 3 hours. Quite disappointed at this (the website had the wrong time on it), I decided to stay in New Brunswick a bit longer and did some hiking at Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

I now had more time than I expected and drove back over to Maine and to Quoddy Head State Park, where I visited the West Quoddy Lighthouse, one of the coolest-looking lighthouses I’ve ever seen. Once again, luck wasn’t on my side as I was hoping to climb the light, only to find out yesterday was the last chance to climb til next spring. However, I did a nice long hike along the coastline that was absolutely magnificent. The trail was amazing and the scenery was spectacular!

I could’ve spent all day here and I seriously thought about it, but decided to drive along Maine’s south coast back towards Bangor. I stopped by the cute coastal towns of Machiasport and Roque Bluffs, where I did some hiking at the state park there. My next stop was at Ellsworth, another cool Maine town. It was here that I saw the entrance to Acadia National Park, which I one day hope to visit. It was very tempting to check it out but knew better, especially since my flight back home was leaving in a couple hours.

Despite the GPS mishaps, freezing temps and wrong info, I still had a great time checking out all the new disc golf courses and lighthouses, and can’t wait to go back to Maine – what a beautiful state!

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