Puerto Rico trip – Day 7

Friday morning was another early-riser, as we made our way back to Fajardo to catch the ferry to island of Culebra, which boasts one of the top beaches in the world at Flamenco Beach. Due to another engagement later that day, we only had an hour to spend at the beach there, so we made the most of it, swimming around in the gorgeous blue waters amongst the pearly white sands and lush green mountains. We were definitely bummed to have to leave so early, but that was the latest ferry we could take back in order to board a late afternoon catamaran out of Fajardo to the island of Vieques.

Even though we couldn’t go kayaking in the biobay the night before, we got a chance to see the biobay on Vieques at Mosquito Bay, which has the brightest biobay in the world. As our pontoon boat buzzed through the waters, you could see the trail of glowing water behind it. And even though we were not allowed to actually get into the water, the boat captain brought up a couple buckets of water where we could see the glowing up close. We even doused one of the guys on board with a bucket of water, as his whole body glowed in the darkness. Unfortunately, my camera’s speed was not fast enough to capture the glowing, but it was pretty amazing to witness.

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