Puerto Rico trip – Day 6

I knew yesterday was going to be tiring so I didn’t plan anything on Thursday til afternoon. After a good night’s sleep, we went back out the beach along our hotel to hang out and take it easy. We then left around 12:30 to go back over to Fajardo (where we had our first dinner on Saturday night) to do a tour of the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. The only way to view this is through a tour, and the only English tours available were at 2 pm. The whole morning had been cloudy and a bit rainy, but as soon as we arrived at the reserve, the sun came out and we were treated to a beautiful afternoon. The reserve was pretty amazing, and I personally enjoyed the beautiful lighthouse there too. We then went for a walk along a boardwalk that meandered through a mangrove forest, including red mangroves, which turned the water below us blood red. It’d be a great area for a horror movie!

As we left the reserve, we had lunch at the same restaurant we ate at Saturday night, and then hit the beautiful El Conquistador resort for some great views of the area and the ocean as the sun was starting to set. I had also planned to go kayaking out of Fajardo on the bioluminescence bay, where the water glows green from the microorganisms that live there, but we had to cancel it due to the strong threat of thunderstorms.

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