Puerto Rico trip – Day 5

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was go zip-lining, so I made reservations with a tour company to do just that. After getting up before sunrise, we drove over to San Juan to meet the tour van, which drove us 2 hours into the southern section of the island and to the Toro Negro rainforest. A much-less visited rainforest than El Yunque, our group of 12 strapped on our helmets and hiked into the jungle. To make sure everyone was awake and ready for our big adventure, we all took turns jumping into a pool underneath a waterfall. The shock and cool refreshment of the water got everyone’s juices flowing…and our clothes sopping wet too.

It was then onto a series of small waterfalls that we climbed up. Most of them were easy to navigate, but the last one required a harness as we maneuvered our way up through the rushing water. We then continued to hike higher up in the mountain area til we came upon our first zip-line. Raring to go, I volunteered to be first, and it was pretty cool flying through the forest over the canopies of trees and various waterfalls. We then did 5 more zip-lines as we made our way back down the mountain. It was quite the rush, and everyone seemed to like this part of the adventure the most. After a long and fun day, we were treated to some incredible homemade Puerto Rican dishes, as we relaxed and shared our experiences. It was then back to San Juan and to our hotel in Rio Grande.

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