Puerto Rico trip – Day 4

After a long day driving around the island, we took it easy on Tuesday morning, swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the beach. I also went for a nice morning walk around the resort grounds to get some photos of the area. Around noon, we drove about 10 minutes south into the El Yunque rainforest. After doing a short hike to a swimming area, we stopped by the La Coca waterfall for some nice pictures. We then got some views of the rainforest in the Yokahu Observation Tower. We next hiked over to the La Mina waterfall, where you can go for a swim underneath them. We elected to stay dry and just hike around on the rocks near the falls. Our next stop was a traditional Puerto Rican lunch along with some ice-cold fruit smoothies to help us cool off in the heat.

As we kept driving through the rainforest, we were nearing the top peak. I went for a solo hike towards the peak, and although didn’t go all the way to the top, did get some amazing aerial views from the Mount Britton Tower. I got up in there just in time to take in the landscape before the clouds rolled over and covered everything up (see video below). I would have loved to continue to the El Yunque peak, but we had to leave the rainforest park as it was set to close in about half an hour. After getting back to the hotel and resting up a bit, we had dinner at Shimas, a Latin-Asian restaurant at the hotel. We then went to bed early as we had to get up around 5 the next morning.

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