Puerto Rico trip – Day 3

Since we were staying in the same place the whole time, on the northern coast of the island, I wanted to drive around the rest of the island. So we set out for an all-day excursion along Puerto Rico’s coastline. Our first stop was on the southeast coast. As soon as we parked, a dog came over begging for food. We had noticed the stray dog situation alot on the day before, so we had bought some dog food. After we gave the black lab a few milkbones, he led us out to a beach, where we viewed the Punta Tuna lighthouse up on the cliffs. The view was beautiful, and we felt like we were hanging out on the beach with our dog.

We then continued along the southern coast to the dilapidated lighthouse in Arroyo. I had heard the south coast is much drier than the northern side, and it was much hotter there too, as we could really feel the difference in the temperature. We didn’t stay too long in Arroyo, and continued west along the coast to Ponce and the La Guancha boardwalk. This was a real nice area, and even though there is not a lighthouse on the coast here, you can barely see the one way out on Cardona Island.

After having lunch here, we drove over the most southwestern point of the island called Cabo Rojo. The cliff views here were amazing as we looked over the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. We could’ve stayed here the rest of the day, but we next made our way north to the famous surfing town of Rincon.

I was really excited about going here, as I hear it has some of the best surfing in the world. We stopped at El Faro Park to view the lighthouse and the crashing waves along the beach. There were a fair amount of surfers there, and we really enjoyed walking along the beach. We were both getting hungry, so we headed back into town hoping to grab a bite, but we couldn’t find any open restaurants. Apparently, they were all closed on Monday night, which we found rather odd. As we headed back over to Rio Grande, we did happen to find a food truck that served a great grilled chicken dish.

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