Puerto Rico trip – Day 2

After getting all settled in, we set off on our second day back west across San Juan and over to the famous caves in Camuy. It was quite an experience walking through this huge cavernous area, where the cool temperatures and stunning rock formations made you feel like you’re on another planet. There just happened to be a well-known Puerto Rican celebrity on the tour that everyone was clamoring to get their picture with. Since we didn’t know who he was, we skipped on the photo op, but he ended up being our translator, as the whole tour was in Spanish (again, feeling like I was back in south Florida).

We had then planned to check out the Arecibo Observatory, but had heard it wasn’t really all that amazing, so instead, we headed a little further south to Lago Dos Bocas, a beautiful lake in Utuado. As we made our way to the dock, we were approached by several restaurants that offer boat rides to their establishments on the other side of the lake. We decided to go to Rancho Marina, a charming place with great views of the water. Feeling adventurous, I had the rabbit and tropical fruit dish, which was excellent.

After lunch, we headed due north to the coastal town of Arecibo to check out the Arecibo Lighthouse & Historic Park. This was my first lighthouse in Puerto Rico, and our mostly cloudy day turned sunny for us for some great views of the Atlantic Ocean. As the sun started to set, we drove the 2 hours back to our hotel.

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