Puerto Rico trip – Day 1

When my friend and I were discussing where to go this year for our annual vacation, we were kicking around the idea of Canada. But we couldn’t get the timing right for up there, so I suggested Puerto Rico, as I’ve always wanted to check it out, and we were able to get it all planned. We left early Saturday morning, and arrived in San Juan after a short 2-hour flight. We then rented a car and drove about 40 minutes east to our hotel in Rio Grande. I felt like I was back in Miami as we drove around, but once I saw the mountains, I realized I was definitely not in South Florida anymore. Our sixth-floor room had an excellent view of the beach, which we, of course, had to check out.

We then met Francisco,  a local and a friend of a friend, for dinner, who drove us to the northeast city of Fajardo for a great Puerto Rican dinner of mofongo, which are mashed plantains with a choice of filing – I had it with conch. The super moon was also this night, but the thick cloudy skies prevented any good viewing of it. As he dropped us off at our hotel, he told us all about the Coqui frogs who sing all night. It was pretty amazing how loud they were.

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