Cape Canaveral

Having been to almost every lighthouse in Florida, the only one I hadn’t visited yet that wasn’t down in the Keys was the Cape Canaveral light. Since it’s on military grounds, the only way to visit it was through a tour with the Public Affairs Office of the Air Force. Trying to to get on this tour for a couple years now, the tours used to be only available on the second Wednesday of every month, which made it tough to schedule the time off. But once they made it every Wednesday and Thursday, I was finally able to make it on the first Thursday in April. I left work early Wednesday afternoon and drove up to Cape Canaveral to get a campsite at Jetty Park. I then drove over to Cocoa and Melbourne to play a couple quick rounds of disc golf. I then drove back towards the beach over to Cocoa Beach for a nice sunset walk on the beach, as this was the first time I’ve ever been to Cocoa Beach, even though I passed through here a few times. When I got back to Jetty Park, I couldn’t help but take a night walk on one of the longest piers in the state. The beautiful night made for some good camping too.

I woke up early on Thursday morning to watch the sunrise on the pier, but the cloudy skies prevented any kind of good viewing of it, and then a misty rain developed as I made my way towards the Air Force base. I met the other people on the tour as we checked out a mini-museum of the history of the missile and rocket launches on Cape Canaveral before we all piled into the tour bus. The tour not only covered the lighthouse but many of the famous missile and rocket launch sites of the 60’s and 70’s. The history behind these were amazing to hear and many of the stories were familiar too. I really enjoyed hanging out at the building where the launchpad was just outside of it, and you could view the whole launching from a nearby window. We then drove over to the lighthouse, and even though we weren’t allowed to climb to the top, we were able to go up to the 6th floor. It was also around this time that the sun finally broke through, and blue skies started to prevail. We then checked out another famous launch site where you could look up through the concrete holding where the the actual launches too place. And off in the distance was the latest modern rocket, ready to be launched in a couple weeks. It was an impressive tour, and I got so much more out of it than just another lighthouse to mark off my list.

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