Georgia Christmas Trip

The last time I saw my father, I was helping him clean out his garage before he moved out of his house in Annapolis, Maryland. So I was excited to see him again, and his new place up in Georgia. I started off on my 11-hour trek late  Thursday afternoon, where I drove non-stop up to Valdosta, Georgia. I started off the rainy Friday morning at the disc course in Valdosta. After a fun wet round, I headed north to Cordele to play the beautiful Veterans Park course. I’ve played this course a few times before, and I love going to this park, especially all the WWII tanks and planes on display and the surrounding lakes. I then hit a few more new courses in Macon and Fayetteville before arriving at my dad’s that evening.

I then spent the next few days visiting with my father and his wife and her relatives around the area. We had a great time together for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I even got to play a little tennis with my dad, which I always love to do.

I left their place on Monday morning, and drove over to Chamblee to play the church course there. I then started to weave my way southeast, as I next hit the courses in Lawrence and Winder, where I also visited the fort at Fort Yargo Park. I continued along my trek, stopping at the courses in Bishop, Monroe and Rutledge. I then stayed the night in the quaint town of Monticello.

I woke up to some rain, which I expected, but it didn’t stop me from playing the wet Monticello course. I next made my over to Milledgeville for the 2 courses there before making a southwestern turn towards Columbus. As I pulled into the Flat Rock Park course, it looked incredibly familiar, and then I realized this was the place I was trying to remember from an earlier trip I did to Georgia about 10 years ago. It was very cool to visit this park again, and the extra bonus of a disc golf course now there made it even more special. After playing the tough course, I drove over to Americus to play the college course at Georgia Southwestern State University.  I then stayed the night in Albany to await my next courses.

I was really excited about playing the Chehaw Park course, but it wasn’t open yet when I arrived at it at 8 in the morning. So I went to play the nearby course on a church property, but the church and the grounds were closed. I did manage to make my way to where the course was, but wasn’t able to scale the tall fence to play it. A bit bummed out, I drove back over to Chehaw Park, and to my delight, found it open. The beauty and challenge of this course more than made up for the church course, and if I had more time, I would have spent more time at this beautiful park. I then continued south to my next courses in Moultrie and Thomasville before entering back into Florida and hitting the pitiful church course in Gainesville. Not what I was hoping to end my trip on, but overall, I had a fantastic time, and it was so great to see and spend Christmas with my dad, his wife and my step-sister and her fun family.

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