Southeastern Texas

For my last flying trip of the year, I decided to stay warm and go due west to Texas instead of the northeast, where I’ve been hanging out over the last several months. I flew into Houston Friday night for my first visit to Texas in about 17 years. After staying an hour east of Houston in Winnie, I drove Saturday morning up to Kountze to play the disc golf course there. I was amazed at how cold it was outside, and was not quite prepared for the chilliness. But the morning quickly warmed up as I continued playing courses in Beaumont and Vidor. My next stop was at Pleasure Island in Port Arthur. I was really excited about checking this place out as I had read how nice it was, but I was a bit disappointed. Supposedly, the course on the island used to be real nice, but not anymore. It was tough to follow and had fallen into disrepair. As I exited the island and followed the billowing smokestacks that make up Port Arthur, I drove over to Sabine Pass and the Civil War battlefield there. Quite the buff, it was cool to go to one on Texas soil. And though it was small, it was a significant victory for the Confederates. I was also able to view the Sabine Pass lighthouse across the water on the Louisiana side. I then continued back west and along the coast to Port Bolivar, where I unfortunately met up with one of Galveston County’s ‘finest’. Though a bit of a damper, I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the walk along the 2-mile-or-so breakwater for some great views of the Gulf of Mexico. I then waited in line for almost 2 hours to board the ferry over to Galveston. I did get some good pictures of the Bolivar Point lighthouse, but was one ferry too late from enjoying a beautiful sunset off the boat. I then continued north, where I stayed the night in Pasadena.

Since it was daylight savings time, I got up a little earlier than I expected, and was out on the disc golf course there in town around 7 am. I was shocked at how many people were at the park on the nice balmy morning. All I had on the agenda was disc golf, and proceeded to drive all over just south of Houston, playing courses in Seabrook, Hitchcock, Pearland and South Houston. Nine courses in all for the day, which ended up getting rather windy in the afternoon, making the golfing a bit tough. It didn’t help that I got bitten by a thousand mosquitoes too. Though it was cool to say I finally played disc golf in Texas, which boasts over 250 courses, I wasn’t too impressed with most of the courses, and I definitely was expecting the areas I went to to be prettier. At least I got to see a couple lighthouses in two different states. I’ll go back next year, but more over towards the Corpus Christi area, where I was the last time I was in Texas.

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