Annapolis, Maryland

I was planning on staying home this past weekend to catch up on stuff, but my father is packing up to move to Georgia from Maryland in a couple of weeks, and this weekend was the only one I could fly up there to go through my things in his garage. I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday morning, and after visiting with my dad and his wife for a bit, went to work in the garage and attic, going through about 20 boxes of my stuff. I ended up throwing out the majority of it, getting rid of many childhood memories, but realized there’s no point in hanging onto them anymore. I did keep my most prized possessions, but sadly decided to sell all my records to a record shop in downtown Annapolis. It was tough to let them go, but I have almost all of it now on CD. It also gave me a chance to hang out in the historic downtown section again, which I absolutely love. Unfortunately, the waterfront and harbor were closed due to the boat show, and the dome of the capital building was under wraps for renovation. So I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of two of my favorite places, but I did explore some more of the downtown section that I’ve never been to before, including the Charles Carroll House, bult in the early 1700’s, and owned by one the Declaration signers.

My last day at my dad’s old place began with a walk around the neighborhood, where I took some pictures and relived some memories of going there over the last 20 years. We then drove down to Waldorf to meet my sister, her husband and their daughter for lunch. It was so great seeing them again, as it’s been almost a year and a half since I last saw them. As we headed back home, I stopped for some more pictures around the Annapolis area, realizing I won’t be up here again for quite some time. At least I’ll now get to explore more of Georgia when I visit my dad. He’ll be a lot closer too.

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