Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I’ve always wanted to go to Wisconsin, as I’ve heard it’s a beautiful state and has some of the best disc golf in the country. So I turned that thought into reality as I landed in Milwaukee on Friday night. I knew it was going to be cold in the mornings, but I was still not prepared for the 40-degree chill I encountered Saturday morning as I played a series of fun 9-hole courses while traveling around the outskirts of Milwaukee. The scenery was beautiful, as I passed red barn after red barn. Luckily, the weather warmed up to the 60’s as I made my way up to Port Washington to climb to the top of the lighthouse there. I also enjoyed a nice walk around the waterfront section before driving along the water towards Milwaukee, stopping for some hiking at Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve before hitting some more golf courses.

Sunday morning was off to another sunny, but cold start, as I battled the cold while playing some great 18-hole courses. I then drove over to the North Point Lighthouse, right along the Milwaukee waterfront, where I got to go the top for some great views of Lake Michigan. After checking out a couple more lights in Milwaukee, I drove south to Wind Point, where I climbed to the top of the white beacon. I felt very fortunate to get to the top of the light, as I was 15 minutes late for the 2:30 scheduled climb and thought for sure I missed my chance. I then continued south to Racine, where I viewed the two harbor lights there. I had planned to play one more course near the airport before heading back home, but I enjoyed the waterfront so much in Racine, I just stayed there instead until my flight left.

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