Portland, Maine

After spending a little time in Maine last fall, I’ve been wanting to go back and explore it more, particularly around the Portland area. And that’s where I ended up this past weekend. I flew in Saturday morning, figuring I’d have plenty time to drive up to Bath to catch a lighthouse cruise, but an hour and a half delay on my connecting flight out of Washington, DC put my plans and the chances of catching the cruise in jeopardy.

Amazingly, I made the boat by 5 minutes, but it was a bit disappointing to learn the cruise was shortened by an hour due to the heavy fog out at sea. We were supposed to go by 10 lighthouses, but only ended up only seeing 6 of them. The cloudy, foggy conditions made for some unique pictures, but I was really hoping the sun was going to come out. Unfortunately, it never did, but at least it didn’t rain. I then headed a little further east to Edgecomb to play the private disc golf course there. It was a fun and enjoyable course, even though I didn’t play so good. As I made my way back west, I decided to try to get a better view of a couple of lights I saw earlier, but wasn’t able to find them, despite having directions on exactly where they were. I then drove over to Auburn, where I had a nice dinner at Fish Bones before settling in for the night at the Penley House Bed & Breakfast.

I took a nice walk around the historic section on Sunday morning, including checking out the Lewistown Falls across the bridge in Lewiston. It took a little while for the sun to come out, but it finally did, which really made me happy after Saturday’s cloudiness. I then played 4 great disc golf courses in a row, all private and tough but fun courses. And after the disappointing courses I last played in Detroit, these courses stood out even more.

I then went to South Portland, where I got some great close-up views of the Spring Point and Portland Breakwater lighthouses. I then went over to Fort Williams Park, where I visited one of the most famous lighthouses in the US, Portland Head. I didn’t get a chance to go to the top, but I got some incredible views and photos of the light. I next drove up the road to the Portland Harbor, where I boarded another lighthouse cruise that passed by the three Portland lights I just viewed, plus a couple extra ones. I also got to view some old forts out in the water. I had originally planned to play one more course after the boat ride, but had a hankering for some Maine lobster, and ended up having an early dinner at DiMillo’s, where I enjoyed a couple lobsters, the first lobster I’ve eaten in the state of Maine in 25 years. The trip may have started off a cloudy and rushed, but ended sunny and satisfied.

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