Michigan and Canada

I flew up to Detroit, Michigan (my first time to the state) for another weekend of disc golf and lighthouses. After arriving late Friday night, I stayed just outside Detroit in Canton, where I awoke to a rainy Saturday morning. I played my first of 9 courses in a row at a park in Canton before moving onto the rain-soaked and muddy Northville course. This would’ve been a real fun course to play, but the constant rain and flooded fairways didn’t make for a very fun time. The next few courses were extremely flooded and pretty much unplayable, except for a few holes. And then the sun finally came out, and the golfing improved greatly. The last course I played was right in Detroit, where I drove through some pretty interesting and run-down neighborhoods. It was even more revealing than what I’ve seen on TV, and I felt really bad for the people who live in these beat-up and neglected old homes.

I then viewed a couple lighthouses, the second one on Belle Isle, which I found beautiful, especially compared to what I had just seen earlier. They were some great views of the Detroit skyline, and many interesting features on the island, including the lighthouse, which is strictly an ornamental lighthouse commemorating William Livingstone.

With a couple hours of sunlight to spare, I then headed over into Canada, where I had a surprisingly hard time getting across the border. The guards were not to happy with me coming over, and couldn’t understand why I’d come over just to look at lighthouses. For a while, I didn’t think I’d make it over, but they amazingly let me across, and compared to what I had just viewed on the Detroit side, it was stunningly gorgeous in Windsor, Ontario. It was an absolutely breath-taking drive along Lake St. Clair as I made my way to the Pelee Passage lighthouse. I got to witness a great sunset on the lake, and it made for some “golden hour” pictures of the lighthouse. I then drove due south towards Lake Erie and Kingsville, where I checked in at the Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast, a beautifully restored farmhouse from the mid-1800’s.

I awoke Sunday morning to more rain, and it didn’t make for the nicest photos of the lighthouses in Kingsville and nearby Leamington. I then drove back across the border (was given a little bit of a hard time, but nothing like the interrogation on the Canuck side), and proceeded to play another course in Wyandotte before heading over to Grosse Ile. The lighthouse on this beautiful island is private, and is only open once a year to the public (hence the reason for this weekend to go to the Detroit area). And it was so worth it, especially since the sun broke through while at the light, which made for some great views from the top. I then played a couple more courses, the second one at the cool Willow Metropark in Belleville. The course itself was fantastic, and easily the best course of the trip, and one of the best courses I’ve ever played. The park was also amazing to explore, and I wish I had more time to not only check out the rest of it but the other nearby Metroparks too. As I flew back home, I was treated to a great sunset with the full moon in the background – fitting as there were some dark and wet parts of the trip, but some very cool ‘bright spots’ too.

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