Massacusetts and Rhode Island

Since I had so much fun last year at this time traveling on the weekends and checking out lighthouses up in the northeast, I couldn’t wait to start doing it again. So I flew up to Providence, Rhode Island on Friday night this weekend, where I drove over to Falmouth, Massachusetts and camped out at Sippewissett Campground…in a teepee. And being that I got to the campground at 2 in the morning, it was a great to just throw down my sleeping bag and crash without having to set up my tent. After leaving the campground on Saturday morning, I drove south over to Wood’s Hole, where I walked around the quaint New England seaport before making my way to the Nobska Point lighthouse, which I got to climb to the top of. I then started to drive off the cape, stopping by a few more lighthouses to get a quick picture or two of them.

As I continued west back towards Rhode Island, I stopped in New Bedford to check out the 3 lights there. Clark’s Point was the first one, and is on top of Fort Taber. From here, I was also able to view the Butler Flats light out in the water, and walked along the beach for some good photos of it. I was next going to try to catch the afternoon boat ride around New Bedford, but the tickets were sold out. That ended up working out perfectly as I was able to walk onto Palmer Island and over to the lighthouse on it.

I next drove over to Fall River, which I was last at a couple years ago when I spent a week in Newport, Rhode Island. I didn’t get to see the battleships the last time, though, so I made sure to see them this time, as Battleship Cove is the largest collection of battleships in the states. And it was quite impressive as I explored each of them inside and out, including the submarine. I then walked around the historic downtown section before heading over to Portsmouth in Rhode Island to set up my tent at the Melville Ponds Campground. I then drove south a bit and spent the evening walking around the extremely-busy downtown Newport.

Since I had an 8:00 ferry to catch, I got up early Sunday morning, and drove towards Bristol. I stopped on the other side of Hope Bridge to view the Bristol Ferry and Hog Island lights, along with a glimmer of sun, as the day would mainly be cloudy. I then went into Bristol, which I thoroughly enjoyed before boarding the ferry to Prudence Island.

Once on the island, I immediately made my way towards the lighthouse for some great pictures. I then meandered around the island some before coming back over to Bristol. I then continued north towards Providence, again stopping here and there to check out a few more lights. I then drove up to Foxboro to play a new disc golf course at the Normandy Farms Campground. After a couple fun rounds there, I made my way over to Borderland State Park for one more round. I was last at this park 7 years ago when I went to visit some friends up that way. Normally I would then say I flew home and had a great trip. But this was a little different.

After arriving at the airport and dropping off my rental car, I proceeded to my gate, where I saw my flight had been delayed half an hour. Only having an hour layover in Charlotte, I was starting to wonder if I was going to make my connecting flight. Turns out, the weather was really bad along the east coast, and the airline was trying to figure out how to reroute the flight to avoid it. Once it was figured out, my 7 pm flight finally left the ground around 8:45 and meant an extra half hour out of the way to get down to Charlotte. As my plane landed around 11 pm, I wasn’t very optimistic I was getting home to Florida. My connecting flight had already left, and there were no hotel rooms available in Charlotte due to a Nascar race. But luckily, I was able to get a seat on the flight I just got off of, as it continued onto Ft. Myers. I arrived in Ft. Myers around 2 am, and rented a car to drive me across Alligator Alley, where I finally made it home around 4 in the morning. On Monday, I dropped off my second rental car of my trip and picked up my checked-in bag, which arrived earlier in the day.

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