Colorado-California trip – Day 15

Although I just missed the sunrise, I did go out for another walk along the bay, but only got to enjoy the sunshine for a little bit as the clouds rolled in and the temperatures quickly dropped. After getting back to the room, we had breakfast and then checked out. As we walked just down the way over to famous Cannery Row, we passed by a fenced-off beach area, where we noticed the rocks were moving. That’s when we realized, those weren’t rocks, they were seals and sea lions…and hundreds of them too. We couldn’t believe how many there were. After spending some time at Cannery Row, we drove along the bay and checked out the Point Pinos lighthouse and had lunch in the historic downtown section.

We then continued south along the coast to Carmel and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. My friend highly recommended the hike there, and it was pretty amazing, even though it was cloudy and foggy. We could see the Pebble Beach golf course from across the water, but not very well due to the less-than-stellar conditions. We continued down south for a bit more, driving through some pretty thick fog and windy conditions. It definitely made for some interesting pictures. Once we started heading inland a bit and towards Big Sur, the sun was shining radiantly. We didn’t spend alot of time in the area, but definitely enjoyed what little time we did. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the Point Sur lighthouse, but the fog along the coast was too thick. We then turned around and made our way back north, going back through Carmel and Monterey. We had an artichoke-flavored dinner in Castroville, aka the Artichoke Capital of the World. C-Lo was in artichoke heaven! We then retired for the night at a hotel in Stockton.

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