Colorado-California trip – Day 14

Our last morning in Frisco, we got breakfast at a cafe just down from the hotel, and then checked out and moseyed south along the coast. We picked up the coastal highway around Pacifica, and the scenery towards Half Moon Bay was incredible. We made a stop in Montara to check out the Point Montara lighthouse. We continued south, constantly stopping to take in the amazing coastal views, particularly in and around Pescadero Beach. We then came upon the prettiest lighthouse views I’ve ever seen at Pigeon Point. The backdrop of the cliffs and ocean were stunning, and for some incredible pictures.

We then drove into beautiful Santa Cruz, where our stop wasn’t quite what we expected – a nude beach. Then after checking out the first of two lighthouses in town, I went to play one of the most famous disc golf courses in all the states, DeLaveaga Park. Having heard so much about it, it was fun as can be to play, even though I lost my favorite disc on the last hole. We then checked out the other lighthouse and had a nice dinner right on the water.

We then drove into Monterey, where I got us a room at the Martine Inn, which is right on the bay. After checking in, C-Lo stayed in the room while I took a nice long sunset walk along the water. It was so nice, I couldn’t wait to take another walk the next morning.

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