Colorado-California trip – Day 13

We were thrilled to finally wake up to a bright sunny morning. We headed back down to the waterfront for breakfast at the Buena Vista. Of course, we had to make a stop at the famous Lombard Street, where I walked up and down it. I got to drive down it a couple days earlier in the rain. It looks much nicer when it’s sunny! After breakfast, we walked along the piers before reaching Pier 33 to catch the tour boat out to Alcatraz Island and the infamous prison. C-Lo had been before but I hadn’t, so I was really looking forward to visiting perhaps the best-known prison in the US. The walk around the grounds was amazing, with all the flowers and seagulls and their babies. Then once inside, you’re given a headset where you follow your own narrated tour. It was cool thinking about the history of this place and all the famous inmates, from Al Capone to the Birdman. I didn’t realize it was only operational for 30 years, from 1934 to 1963. It was pretty impressive and eerie walking through there, especially looking in all the cells.

After arriving back at the pier, we went over to Pier 39 to check out the harbor seals and sea lions. We then drove back over to Fort Point for some better views of the fort and the lighthouse above it. Next we drove up the Golden Gate’s entrance, where we walked halfway across the bridge. We then drove over towards Sausalito and made our way towards the Marin Headlands. Unfortunately, the road leading to it was closed due to construction. So we took a nice hike with some great views of the bridge.

We would have hiked longer but we had dinner reservations at Yoshi’s in Japantown. We were both really looking forward to this, as one of our all-time favorite bands was playing, the Tubes. After a great dinner, we headed into the concert hall, where there was a sign saying no photography or videos. I was hoping to get some pics of the group and was a bit bummed out, but luckily, the band allowed for photos, and I took quite a few of the amazing show they put on. I first saw the Tubes back in 1986, and this was the third time since, including the last time I saw them with C-Lo in the mid-90’s in Virginia. We also got to meet the band after the show. Still buzzing from their performance, we were too wired to go to bed, and found a local pizza joint for a midnight snack.

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