Colorado-California trip – Day 12

After yesterday’s rain, we were hoping for sunny skies, but clouds and fog were on the agenda. At least the rain stopped, but it wasn’t quite the weather for hanging out on the beach, where we took a morning walk on. We then drove into Golden Gate Park, where we made our first stop at the buffalo paddock. Unfortunately. we could barely see a couple bison way off in the distance. We then hiked around a small lake before hitting the disc golf course in the park. There weren’t quite a few players on the course so we played an abbreviated round before continuing on over to the picturesque Stow Lake. As we walked around the serene lake, we came across a small waterfall that had several bridges crossing it for some great views of it. We then continued through the park to the botanical gardens, but we decided not to go in them, as the cloudy skies wouldn’t have made for the best viewing of them.

As we drove out of the 3.5 mile-long park, we made our way back to the famous bridge, which, again, was covered in fog. Hoping for better weather on the other side, we drove across over to Sausalito, and amazingly, the sun was shining over there. I found Sausalito to be absolutely adorable, and I got a kick out of all the houses on the hillsides. We walked along the bayfront for awhile before lunching at Horizons. Then it was off shopping and cruising around the town before heading back over the bridge. Once across, we drove southwest along the water and Presidio, where we got some great views of the bridge and bay, stopping at Baker Beach and China Beach. We then continued over to Sea Cliff and back into Golden Gate Park to view the giant Dutch Windmill. Evening was starting to draw near so we watched the beautiful sunset on the beach.

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