Colorado-California trip – Day 11

Since we had rides taking us places, we didn’t need to rent a car. But now we were on our own, and Aaron dropped us off at the Sacramento airport to pick up our rental car. As we bid adieu to Aaron (we’d be visiting again the next weekend), C-Lo and I made our way west to San Francisco. The rainy start didn’t look too promising, but I was optimistic the weather would break by the time we arrived in the Golden Gate city. Unfortunately, I was wrong, but it didn’t deter us from checking out the new city, at least for me (C-Lo’s been to Frisco a few times before). Our first stop was at Fort Point, where we viewed the Golden Gate Bridge, or at least what little we could see of it, due to the rain and fog. We then made our way towards the waterfront and over to the Buena Vista, where we had lunch and C-Lo had their famous Irish Coffee. We then walked over to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, where we got sopping wet on the way. After some shopping and viewing of a couple seals on the pier, we checked into our room for the next three days to dry off. C-Lo had heard of a restaurant called the Stinking Rose, so we decided to try it out. Known for its garlic dishes, she ordered the rabbit and I had the lamb. And even though the rabbit was tough and not the easiest to eat, the moist lamb fell off the bone. We then walked around town a bit more before catching a cab back to our hotel.

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