Colorado-California trip – Day 10

Aaron and I spent the morning canoeing over at Slab Creek Reservoir, which leads into a mini-version of the Hoover Dam. Luckily, we went the other way, and had a great time rowing around the creek and up the branching small streams. We then gathered up the whole gang and drove around to a few of the many wineries around the area. The first one was Madrona. Not a wine drinker myself, I did not partake in the festivities, but definitely enjoyed the scenery. We then went over to Boa Vista Orchards to purchase a few local-grown products before hitting the next winery at Lava Cap. Our last wine-tasting adventure was at Boeger’s, where we then proceeded into downtown Placerville, also known as Hangtown, for all the hangings there in the 1800’s. After a nice meal back at Aaron’s place and some downtime, we sat out on the front porch again watching the stars and space station. Luckily, no polecat came by to stink us out this time.

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