Colorado-California trip – Day 9

Before checking out in the morning, Aaron and I took a morning walk back to the beach where we were the night before. We then drove over to Bijou Community Park and got in another round of golf at the scenic course there. We then continued to drive along the lake before stopping at Emerald Bay, where we got some great views and pictures of Lake Tahoe.

After a little time there, we drove out of Tahoe and over to Horsetail Falls, located in Desolation Wilderness on the outskirts of Tahoe. As we hiked along the rocks, we realized there really wasn’t a path and you just keep walking towards the big falls way ahead of you. The scenery was amazing, and there were a few streams and small falls to stop at and explore. As we finally made it to the lower portion of the main falls, I wanted to get a closer look of the upper falls, so I continued up the steep rocky path. Knowing I couldn’t get too much closer before the path was no longer safe to traverse, I settled for some great panoramic views of the falls and wilderness area.

After a fun but exhausting hike, we were ready to take it easy, and we drove over to Aaron’s place just outside of Placerville. It was the first time meeting his two daughters, and I had to get my second wind just to keep up with them. We all had a nice dinner at the house before hanging out on the front porch watching all the shooting stars and space station fly by in the star-laden sky. We would have stayed out longer but a skunk stunk up the place, sending us all back inside.

One thought on “Colorado-California trip – Day 9

  1. Tim this is a great site & wonderful window to your travels. Thank you for sharing. I hope to stay with your future travels & reread even more again, later. If you are in St. Louis please try to contact us. Mary Kay & Ed

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