Colorado-California trip – Day 8

Although we were asleep when we entered Utah, I got up just in time in the morning to see a bit of the state before we crossed into Nevada, where I watched the rising sun come over the snow-capped mountains. That’s when I also learned that they almost decided to stop the train in Salt Lake City, and bus everyone to their final destinations. Instead, they decided to keep chugging on, but take a detour north of Reno due to the accident and closed-down tracks. We were originally supposed to arrive in Reno at 8:30 in the morning, but ended up in Portola, California around 3 pm. A bus then took us to the Amtrak station in Reno, where my buddy Aaron picked us up.

C-Lo had been craving a burger from In-N-Out Burger the whole trip, so we made a quick stop at the one in Reno before heading on towards Lake Tahoe. Our next stop was at Zephyr Cove, where we played the beautiful but challenging disc golf course there. The steep elevation made for some interesting shots but also offered great views of the lake. We then headed into South Lake Tahoe, where we watched the sunset on the lake’s shore before checking into our hotel. Aaron and I then went to one of the local casinos, where he played a few hands of poker.

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