Colorado-California trip – Day 5

After going west for the past couple days, it was time to explore south, and the three of us were on the road again. This time, our destination was Colorado Springs, and our first spot was the Garden of the Gods. This amazing ‘rock’ garden features giant red rock formations and meandering trails that seem to go on forever. And as fun as it was hiking around the rocks, it was even funner hiking on them. And we saw quite a quite mountain and rock climbers scaling the massive rocks.

We then headed into Manitou Springs, where we had a nice and interesting lunch at the Stagecoach Inn. One of the appetizers was Rocky Mountain oysters, which I’ve never heard of, but C-Lo was more than excited to order. And after she explained what they were to me, I was less than excited to try one. But Mike and I were game enough, and we can now say we’ve tried bull balls. As I was now ready for anything, we next went up to Pike’s Peak. We wanted to take the train to the top, but weren’t sure where to catch it, so we ended up driving to the famous summit instead. And the right choice it was, as it was a great ride with amazing views. And the views only got better once at the top of the 14,000 foot peak. I was worried the altitude would get to me, but I seemed to do okay with it, and not even the chilly temps really bothered me as I marveled at the incredible scenery below me. As we made our way back down the mountain, we stopped some more for more photo ops and a little fun in the snow. As we got towards the bottom, we visited the lake at the foot of the peak, where a sign mentioning Bigfoot caught our attention. And we did indeed see a Bigfoot, a goofy-looking wooden statue of the mythical creature. We also found out that the show ‘Finding Bigfoot’ was going to be at the lake the next week in hopes of finding the actual creature.

As we made our way back towards Manitou Springs, we checked out the Cave of the Winds, but it didn’t seem to really impress any of us, and we also had food on the brain. So we went to the Craftwood Inn in Manitou Springs, where we had a sample tasting of wild boar, red deer and antelope. They were all very unique and tasty, and would’ve only been topped by the rattlesnake appetizer, which, unfortunately, they were out of. After another adventurous day and dinner, we drove back up to Boulder.

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