Colorado-California trip – Day 4

Ready for a nice dip in the ‘pool’, we hit the Glenwood Hot Springs in the morning. I had been there the last time I was in Colorado, but this was C-Lo’s first time at a hot springs. And thanks to her, we even got in free, as a hotel guest overheard her harking at the price, and proceeded to give us three free passes to get in. We first got into the really hot springs pool, which is only 104 degrees! You can only spend about 5 minutes in there before your skin starts coming off. We then ‘cooled’ down in the big pool, which is a chilly 94 degrees. After the first pool, it actually does feel cold at first! The views of the surrounding mountains were amazing, and we could have stayed in there all day! But we had other plans, and away we went towards Aspen.

Just before reaching the famous ski city, we took a bus ride up to the most photographed mountains in Colorado – Maroon Bells. And C-Lo and I added another couple hundred photos, as we couldn’t get enough of the incredible scenery. And with the snow-covered mountains against the lush green backdrop, it was simply breath-taking. As we hiked along the lake and up towards the mountains, cascading waterfalls flowed along the trail and only added to the magic of this place. We would’ve hiked even farther had we more time to spend out there, but we had to catch the last bus out.

We then headed into Aspen, where we enjoyed a nice lunch at a local restaurant. We then walked around town and over to the John Denver Memorial Gardens, where the lyrics of many of his famous songs are engraved into rocks. As we made our way back east, we weren’t sure if we could take the mountain road back over, due to the late snow, but luckily, Independence Pass was open, and the road and views were fantastic. We kept stopping to snap pictures along the road, including in and around the Twin Lakes area, and even got to go over the Continental Divide again. It was a long ride back to Boulder, but it was a great two-day trip.

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