Colorado-California trip – Day 3

Mike, C-Lo and I headed out in the morning for a fun two-day trip, with our midway layover in Glenwood Springs. As we made our way out of Boulder on the cloudy morning, we made our first stop at Buffalo Bill’s Grave at Lookout Mountain Park in Golden. Story has it that Cody, Wyoming wanted him buried there instead, but he now rests on a mountain overlooking the city known for Coors Beer. As we continued west, the weather turned into a steady rain and didn’t make for much of a stop in Vail, where we drove around town for a bit but didn’t stay very long. Westward we went, our next destination was at Sylvan Lake Park in Eagle. The sun was trying to break through, but not in time for any good shots of the lake. However, we still enjoyed the scenery to and from the park.

And it would only get better as we drive through the gorgeous Glenwood Canyon. We next stopped at the No Name Rest Area (yup, the name of the town is No Name). By then, the sun was shining brightly and made for for great pix of the surrounding mountains and canyon. We then made our way into Glenwood Springs, where we checked into a hotel and then took a walk downtown for dinner at Juicy Lucy’s. We made an unplanned detour on our way up to Doc Holliday’s grave site, which overlooked the town. The hike up was great, and the views were magnificent. No one knows for sure if Doc is really buried there, but we definitely got a kick out of the Jack Daniels bottle next to his headstone. After a scrumptious dinner at Juicy Lucy’s, we kicked around going to the hot springs to relax. But there were only open for another hour, so we decided to call it a night and hit the springs the next morning.

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