Ontario, Canada – Day 5

After a great breakfast and a nice chat with the innkeeper, I headed back up to Oakville to view the lighthouse there and then over to Humber Bay Park for some distant views of the Toronto East Entrance lights. I then drove along the gorgeous lakefront into downtown Toronto, where I boarded the Toronto Island ferry. I thought I had originally got on the right ferry but it just took to me to the airport on the island. So I was relieved to finally get on the right boat. I had heard so many good things about Toronto Island, including the incredible views of the downtown Toronto skyline. And the views from the boat did not disappoint in the least bit. And it turns out, it was one of the nicest days there in quite a while. The island itself was amazing, and I really wish I had gotten there earlier to take more of it in. But I was able to check out the lighthouse there and also play one of the best disc golf courses in Canada. As much I hated to go, I knew I had to leave to catch my flight back home, and I’m glad I left when I did, as it took more than an hour to go through customs. And although I got wet quite a bit during the trip, I did manage to play 19 different courses, view 18 lighthouses, and visit Niagara Falls again after 30 years.

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