Ontario, Canada – Day 2

I woke up Saturday morning to another cloudy start as I made my way just down the road to the Woodstock course. Unfortunately, the conditions from yesterday hadn’t improved any, and it was another wet round of disc golf. As were the next 7 courses I played, where I struggled to get in even a couple of holes at a course. My travels led me south to the edge of Lake Erie, where I arrived mid-afternoon at Port Burwell, the site of my first lighthouse on my Canadian journey. The only light I would climb on the trip, I ventured to the top of this 1840 classic, where I got some nice views of the lake and the quaint city. I then headed to the park in town, where I played my last round of golf for a couple of days. I definitely needed a break from my wet golfing shoes. I next made my way to the Grey Gables Bed & Breakfast in town, where the hospitality of the owners and the house itself more than made up for the disappointment the night before in Woodstock. After having a nice pickerel and perch dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant, I took a walk around the cute historic town really wishing I had brought my camera with me. But after a good night’s sleep, I took a morning stroll and got in some pictures of the area.

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