Ft. Pierce-Melbourne

One of my favorite bands, 1964 the Tribute, considered the world’s best Beatles tribute band, was making its first south Florida appearance this year, and after having seen them over 20 times in the past 25 years, I was not going to pass up this chance either. I embarked early in the morning, where I began my day with a couple rounds of disc golf at the Ft. Pierce course at Gordy Road Park. I then made my way over to the Oxbow Eco-Center in Port St. Lucie for some of my favorite hiking in south Florida. I just love the undulating trail that goes up and down as it traverses next to the St. Lucie River, offering many great photo ops. In the past, I usually run across a few armadillos, but didn’t see or hear any this time.

I then headed into downtown historic Ft. Pierce for some more photographs and walking. An art show was going on and I thought I might come across one of my golf buddies selling his nature photos but he was not in attendance. I next made my way further north up to Cocoa to play the fun 18-hole course at F. Burton Smith Park. Still in the mood for more disc golf, I headed southeast to the Wickham Park course in Melbourne for another round. As the day was slowing turning into evening, I drove along the beach road to check out the festivities of the Taste, Toast, and Tunes of the Melbourne Coast, where 1964 was due to go on within the next few hours. Since it was still light out, I went for a walk, which led me to a dirt trail that I remembered hiking a few years back. After winding along the trail, it brought me back across A1A to the beach at Ponce de Leon Landing Park.

As I walked up the stairs to cross onto the beach, I noticed a big blue trash can was smoking and kinda stuck my head inside to take a peek. I figured it’d be a cigarette, but I didn’t smell one. After I made my way onto the beach, I kept thinking about that smoking trashcan, and when I looked back, it was too late – the trashcan was all ablaze! I ran back to the steps but wasn’t able to continue farther as the fire was too intense. As I finally made my way back to the park, I ran across a couple who said they saw someone having a barbecue on the beach and dumped the smoldering coals into the trash, which led to the wildfire. There were already a couple cops on the scene for overflow parking for the concert so they quickly called the fire department as the fire threatened to rage out of control. It took the firefighters awhile, but they finally managed to put out the blaze, and of course, the trashcan had melted to nothing. We were all shocked this could have happened, especially since the coals easily could have been extinguished using sand or even the ocean water. Chalk another one up for stupidity – luckily, it didn’t do too much damage or hurt anyone.

After an exciting half hour, I went back to the church where the concert was being held, and not too long after, the band came on and sounded just as good as ever. The place was packed, and I was amongst the hundred of fans in front of the stage dancing away. It was such a great show, and I wish it could’ve lasted all night, especially since I had a nice long 2 and a half hour ride back home. I originally was going to camp out up in Melbourne but the mid-40 temps put an end to those ideas.

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