After working out in Weston for almost 6 years, I developed my little favorite areas and parks to go to, so I decided to spend this past Saturday out there hitting all my ‘old’ stomping grounds. Only a half an hour out west, my first stop was at Peace Mound Park, where I used to go eat lunch at almost every day. This small but beautiful park has a great trail that circles the park and goes along a nice lake. After some recollecting there, I next headed over to Markham Park, where I would usually go to lunch if I wasn’t at Peace Mound.

Markham Park is a great big park that offers a lot to do, from tennis to canoeing to camping to mountain biking to even flying model airplanes. One of my favorite things to do there, tthough, is to blade along the park’s loop road and also check out the shooting range, where many of the local police go to hone their skills.

After a few hours at Markham, I grabbed lunch and then headed over to Weston Regional Park, where I played some basketball and did some more blading along the paved trails. My next stop was at Shenandoah Park, where I also used to some alot of time at after work playing tennis. I didn’t play any tennis this time, but instead, went bike-riding around the area and over to Davie, where I enjoyed the paved park trails that wind in and around the neighborhoods. I concluded my fun day with a couple rounds of disc golf at Easterlin Park back near my home.

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