Ft. Myers Disc Golf

After two successful disc golf road trips to the west coast and center of Florida, my buddies and I did another one, but his, a one-dayer back to the west coast and Ft. Myers. We drove the two hours plus drive across Alligator Alley early Sunday morning to our first course at the North Fort Myers Community Park. Similar to the Malabar course we played last weekend, which just a nasty sea of saw palmetto bushes, this fun course is much easier to manage, and a good score is definitely possible. The last time I was here, I won a tournament, so I’ve been looking forward to coming back for a while.

After two rounds, we next made our way to the course on the campus of the Florida Gulf Coast University.  We got in a couple more rounds on the always-breezy course, particularly the first six holes that go along a beach area next to a lake.

We concluded yet another fun disc golf outing at the Bonita Springs Recreation Center course in Bonita Springs. I almost always made a point of hitting this fun course whenever I go traveling on the west coast, and I was excited to see they added 9 more baskets to make it a 18-holer. Unfortunately, though, there were no teepads or tee signs, and we couldn’t figure out how the new part of the course was laid out. And on top of that, one of the guys had an errant drive that managed to hit both a pregnant woman and her cat.  Luckily, neither were hurt, and we figured we probably played yet another wrong teepad, as we had to make them up for lack of knowing where they really were. Not quite the ending of the day we were expecting, but the guys were able to chalk up yet three more new courses under their belt.

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