Central Florida Disc Golf Trip

After a great time a couple weeks earlier playing disc golf on the west coast, my buddies and I planned another weekend trip, this time to Orlando and the surrounding areas. It was supposed to be the four of us again, but one guy couldn’t make it, so the three of us headed out Friday night after work up to a timeshare in Orlando we rented for the weekend.  We hit out first course Saturday morning at Northside Park in Gainesville, where we met a good buddy of mine there. He proceeded to smoke all of us, but it was definitely fun to watch him birdie almost every hole. We then headed a bit south to play the two courses in Ocala, the first one on an old ball golf course, and the second one at Greenway Park, where we got in 2 rounds just before dark.

We then spent all day Sunday playing the four great courses in Orlando. The first two were both at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, where they have two championship-caliber courses. We barely finished the second course in time before a storm blew through. Then, after grabbing lunch and waiting for the storm to pass, we headed over to Gordon barnett park to play the two fun but soggy courses there.

As the weather started to change and get chilly, we knew Monday’s disc golfing was going to be a brutal one.  And that pretty much sums up the 2 rounds we played at F. Burton Smith Park in Cocoa. The strong cold winds made for some interesting shots and our high scores reflected it. We then drove over to Melbourne to play the Wickham Park course, where the conditions hadn’t much improved. Our last stop on our three-day adventure was at the always-tough Malabar course, where all three of us pretty much had nothing left in our games.  Despite the rough conditions, we had another great time, and we looked forward to our next road trip.

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