Indians and Disc Golf

I drove out towards the Everglades Saturday morning, where I made a detour north to the Big Cypress Indian Reservation, and to my first stop at the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum. I’ve always seen the sign for the museum as I made my way across Alligator Alley and I’ve always been curious about it. So I’m glad I finally got to stop and check it out, as it was a great history about the Seminole Indians and their culture. It was very interesting learning about the different Seminole clans, as most were named after an animal, like the Bear and Panther clan. I particularly enjoyed the mile-long boardwalk loop that passed by a small Indian village, where arts and crafts were being made.

Ironically, there was a disc golf course just down the road that I went to next. This small 9-holer is the only course on an Indian reservation in Florida. After a couple rounds, I went back past the museum to Billie Swamp Safari. A recreational park, the big attraction here are the airboat rides. I thought about doing one, but since I’ve already done a few before, I decoded to move on instead. Ad I made my way back east, I next stopped briefly at Sawgrass Recreational Park and Everglades Holiday Park. Again, the main features at both of these places were the airboat rides.

As I got back into the populated areas, I next stopped at Vista View Park, where there has been talk of a disc golf course going in at this huge former-landfill-turned-park. I hiked around the ‘mountain’ taking in the view of Davie and surrounding areas. I was amazing at how packed the park was, and even more impressed with the sunset over the city, as I had a great elevated view of it.

Sunday morning, my friend and I spent the day 2 hours north playing the disc golf courses in Cocoa, Melbourne and Malabar. Ironically, a Native American festival was going on at the Melbourne course, and we weren’t able to get in all 18 holes there.

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