After all the fun weekends I’ve had up north over the past few months, I wanted one more New England experience of disc golf and lighthouses before the weather got too cold. So I flew up to Hartford, Connecticut Friday night, where I stayed at a nearby hotel in Manchester. I knew this was going to be an odd trip after I rented the car. As I made my way to the hotel, I noticed I was driving much faster than I thought. And then I realized the odometer was in kilometers, not miles. So I wasn’t going 100, I was just going 60! Turns out, my rental car was Canadian, eh. And whereas the kph were easy to see, the small grayed-out mph underneath the kph were barely legible, and even harder to see in the daylight, as I made my way Saturday morning to my first stop at the disc golf course at Wickham Park.

I got there around 8 but saw that the park wasn’t open til 9:30. As I contemplated my options, I noticed a jogger in the park, so I decided to park the car and hop the short brick wall into the park and play. The park and course were absolutely gorgeous and quite huge too. I then made my way south to Bristol and the fun course at Page Park. I continued south to Southington to play the Panthorn Park course. My next course stop at the Hop Creek Recreation Area in Middlebury didn’t quite go as planned. Since the park road was closed, I had to walk in and it took about half an hour just to get to the course. And then I couldn’t find the course. I found the course map and traversed the heavy woods looking for a tee pad or basket, but after half an hour of meandering aimlessly, I realized it wasn’t meant to be and I made up a couple holes before heading back to the car.

A bit let down by the non-course, it was time to change my mood, and check out the Five Mile Point lighthouse in New Haven. And it did the trick, as I thoroughly enjoyed the lighthouse and the beach area around it. I was also able to view the Southwest Ledge lighthouse from the jetty off the beach. I then made my way further west along the Connecticut coast to Orange and the course at High Plains Park, which I almost couldn’t find either. I then made one last stop in Stratford to briefly check out the light there before settling in for the night in Bridgeport.

An early start on Sunday morning found me on the Bridgeport beach where I was able to view the Tongue Point lighthouse and then headed just down the road to Seaside Park for some incredible views of the Black Rock Harbor light. I also got some pictures of the Penfield Reef Lighthouse out in the water a bit. As I walking back along the breakwater, I wanted to snap one last picture of the light when my camera suddenly stopped working. Not sure what was causing this, I continued to try to get it to work again, but to no avail.

Rather shocked at this development, my thoughts shifted to buying another camera, but all I could find was a Walgreens, where I bought a cheap digital one. I also realized it wasn’t worth going to a few more of my planned stops as I didn’t have a strong enough camera anymore to get any good distant shots. I then went to play the Fairfield course at the university there, where I also got a chance to test out my new camera. I next made my way further west along the coast to Rowayton, where I viewed the Greens Ledge lighthouse out in the water. Only armed with about 6x zoom as opposed to my broken camera’s 21x zoom, I wasn’t able to get a really good pic of the water light and it was quite the deflated feeling. But I figured the next disc golf course at Waveny Park in New Canaan would lift my spirits.

Unfortunately, I had the same issue as yesterday – I couldn’t find this course either. After another half an hour of searching for it, I ended up making up a few of my own holes and feeling cursed. And cursing too! I was hoping I would at least find the last course of my trip, which I thankfully did and really enjoyed at Cranbury Park in Norwalk. It was not quite the ending I envisioned to my 9 straight weekends on the road (and air), but I did get to visit a couple really cool lighthouses and disc golf courses, and the amazingly colorful landscape helped make up for the mini-disasters.

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