New York City

After a great week in Yellowstone, I was back  to my weekend lighthouse tours of the Northeast. This time was in New York City, where I flew in Saturday evening and boarded a dinner cruise that sailed along the NYC skyline over to the beautifully-lit Statue of Liberty. It’s been almost 25 years since I was last in the city and it was a great way to see it again.

After staying the night in Elmhurst, I drove over to Port Washington on Sunday morning to catch another cruise, this time out to the Execution Rocks Lighthouse. This area got its name from the 1700’s, where prisoners were sent to be executed by drowning off the rocks. Although its history is a little creepy, the lighthouse  itself was very cool and I was able to climb to the top for some great views of Manhasset Bay. We also circled around the Stepping Stones lighthouse and saw the Sands Point light off in the distance.

I then drove back into the city and over to Manhattan to check out the Jeffrey’s Hook lighthouse  under the George Washington Bridge. This cute light is also known as the Little Red Lighthouse. My last stop of this short whirlwind trip was the Blackwell Island light on the northern tip of Roosevelt Island.  I used to always go to New York as a teenager and it was real fun to go back, even though I wish I had more time to soak up the big city atmosphere.

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