Yellowstone Trip – Day 8

After dropping off my friend at the airport, I went back to the hotel and got in a couple more hours of sleep before starting off the last day of my trip. I had read in the hotel room about the Snake River Falls, so I hiked the path behind the hotel down to the falls. Since I had planned to play disc golf most of the day, I then headed 20 minutes north to the first course up in Rexburg. On the way there, I passed by a sign for Yellowstone Bear World so I checked it out on the way back south.

A drive-through zoo where you stay in you car to observe the animals as they roam freely around, the first part was mainly bison and deer, plus a couple of grizzlies. But the second section was the fun part as there were black bears everywhere. Most of them were just lazing around but a few were more active and decided to venture across the road.

My next three courses were just east of Idaho Falls in Ammon. But after seeing a sign for another zoo, I first went to the Tautphaus Park Zoo. I was very impressed with the small zoo and got a kick out of the penguin exhibit. I also enjoyed the pacing tiger who was putting on a show for everyone, especially with his roars. But my favorite part was the Monkey House. Inside were about 5 different types of monkeys and they were very active as they all seemed as happy to see you as you were to see them. And even though you were not allowed to touch the animals, there was an adorable baby kangaroo right next to the path in the Australian section that you just wanted to pick up and hold.

My next adventure was finding the first Ammon course. I got completely lost and was given directions to the wrong park, but amazingly, it worked out as I came across a 3-hole course I knew nothing about. I finally did find the right course and got in a quick round at each. That’s more than I can say about the following course in Shelley.

Apparently they had their annual tournament going on but I was able to pass most of the players without getting in their way. Unfortunately, the last group consisted of the tournament director and he would not allow to continue playing and pretty much kicked me off the course after playing the first five holes. Needless to say, I was not very happy about this, but I decided to move on instead of arguing with him. My last courses of the day were down in Blackfoot, with the first one being the beautiful Jensen Grove Park. Matter of fact, I liked the park so much, I took a walk around the lake after my round. I then hit the course of the grounds of a mental institute. It was supposedly a 18-hole course but could find the first 9.

I then headed back up to Idaho Falls and took another walk along the river and to the falls. I then walked along the other side of the Snake River where I checked out the beautiful Idaho Falls Temple. Afterwards, I ventured back into the historic downtown section where I had an excellent Brazilian shrimp dish at the SnakeBite Restaurant. As I took one final walk at night to get some pictures of the temple all lit up against the river’s water, I bid farewell to this gorgeous section of the country early Sunday morning.

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