Yellowstone Trip – Day 7

We decided to spend our last day in Yellowstone touring through Grand Teton National Park and dining in Jackson Hole. As we drove away from the resort and into Montana, we noticed a herd of antelope alongside the road. We also saw them yesterday but were too far away for pictures. So we felt fortunate they were close enough to get some pix this time. As we entered the park one last time, we drove south towards the South Entrance. After passing the Old Faithful and West Thumb areas, the Teton Mountains started to come into view and we pulled over at Lewis Falls to take in the majestic peaks and the cascading falls.

As we neared the Yellowstone Park exit, we made one last stop in the park at Moose Falls. Another cool waterfall was a fitting way to bid adieu to America’s first national park. Soon after, we entered Grand Teton National Park, and it was hard to take our eyes off the mountain range. As we drove along Jackson Lake, we pulled over a few times to breathe in the fresh mountain air and get in some pictures. We also stopped at the Jackson Lake Dam for some more photos and exploring. We then drove over and checked out the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, with its stunning stained glass window above the altar.

We didn’t do alot of hiking because most of the trails in the park require a few hours to hike. But we did get one in around the south side of Jenny Lake. We took boat across the lake, where we picked up the fun trails to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Since we missed the last boat back across the lake, we hiked the 2 1/2 mile path back to our car and the scenery couldn’t have been prettier. As we neared the park’s exit, we were still hoping to see some moose and were surprised we hadn’t seen any wildlife at all since we entered the park.

We then noticed a throng of people along a bridge and sure enough, there was a mother moose and her calf. The calf then started suckling from the mom, but my camera’s battery once again died and I was only able to snap a few pics of the meese. Ironically, the town we were in was called Moose. It definitely lived up to its name.

We then made our way out of the park and into Jackson Hole, where we were definitely ready for food. We found the town to be extremely charming and loved all the old western buildings. With so many dining places to choose from, we didn’t know where to go. So we tried out the Virginian, but soon realized it wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Since we had passed a Thai restaurant on our jaunt around town, we both kinda had it on the brain (and nose – it smelled fantastic), so our last meal together ended up at Bon Appe Thai. We both love Thai food and our dishes were terrific, but we were kind of hoping to get in some more game meat. But at least, our tummies were full and we really dug Jackson Hole. We then had the long 2-hour drive across Teton Pass and over to Idaho Falls so C-Lo could catch her 7 am flight the next morning.

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