Yellowstone Trip – Day 4

The next area we went to was Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, appropriately named since it’s similar to its famous counterpart, just on a much smaller scale. Our first stop was at Brink of the Upper Falls, which looks out over the top the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River. We then hiked a trail along the south rim to a great distant overlook of the 109-foot falls. From there, we continued to hike the south rim to Uncle Tom’s Trail, which concludes with 328 steps down a steep metal staircase to an observation deck showing off the even-more-stunning Lower Falls. At 308 feet, it is twice as tall as Niagara Falls.

As we observed the majestic falls, we noticed across the canyon some more great viewpoints. So we next headed over to the North Rim of the canyon. It was pretty incredible peering over the top of the falls at the Brink of the Lower Falls, and we were able to get some more views of the falls from Grandview Point and particularly Red Rock Point.

We continued along the North Rim trail to Inspiration Point, which provided more awe-inspiring views of the canyon and the Lower Falls. We then chowed down on some bison asadas at the Canyon Lodge before heading back to the resort.  After seeing geysers all day yesterday, it was nice to see completely different scenery and marvel at the canyon’s beauty.

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