Yellowstone Trip – Day 3

After a fun day in and around the Island Park area, we were ready to explore Yellowstone Park and entered through the West Yellowstone entrance, where we had dinner last night. Since Yellowstone in divided into different areas, we decided to spend the day in the Old Faithful area. Not sure what to expect, we were immediately awestruck by the park’s beauty and vastness and couldn’t wait to see some animals. And not long after we entered , we came across some grazing elk and a couple bison by a river. We pulled off the side of the road to join the other 50 cars snapping pictures of them, and we saw quite a few more as we continued into the park.

As we got closer towards Old Faithful, the grounds seemed to almost be on fire as the smoke and gas from the steam baths and geysers started to appear all over the place. We stopped by several geyser basins, including Midway, Biscuit and Black Sand, where we also hiked out to the pretty Mystic Falls.

As we arrived at Old Faithful, we found out its next show was in fifteen minutes and we joined the other thousand or so people gathered around to see Yellowstone’s most famous attraction. And it did not disappoint, as the spouting geyser put on quite a performance. We then had some buffalo chili at the Old Faithful Lodge before hiking along the boardwalks that meander around several other geysers. We knew that Old Faithful was about to go off again so we headed up to the overlook for a bird’s eye view of it. I personally found this view even more exciting than the up-close one.

But neither view was as amazing as the Grand Geyser, which is the tallest predictable geyser in the world.  Not sure when it was going to go off, I continued to walk along the boardwalk and explore while C-Lo waited out the eruption. And five minutes after I walked away did it blow.  I was able to view the first explosion from a distance and right when you thought it was over, it started blowing again, even bigger and higher. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery had just run out so i wasn’t able to get any pictures of it but luckily C-Lo did.

The Grand Geyser blowing off some steam:

As we continued around the boardwalk, we passed by the unique-looking Castle Geyser (named so because it looks like a mini-castle) and eventually made our way back to the rustic and very-cool Old Faithful Inn for dinner, where we enjoyed the antelope sausage appetizer and I had the famed Idaho trout. We were extremely impressed with Yellowstone so far, and couldn’t wait to see what else the park had in store.

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