Amelia Earhart Park

I spent Saturday at one of my favorite parks in south Florida – Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah. Not only does it have a fun 18-hole disc golf course and crystal clear water that’s perfect for jumping in on a hot day, it also has a fun little farm area complete with a petting zoo. I got to the park early in the morning where I first hung out by the farm. As I walked by the meandering stream and lake, I envisioned another golf course in this area as it is begging for a 9-hole course.

I then slowly made my way to the back of the park to the actual disc golf course, which I haven’t played since the middle of last year.  As I was getting ready to tee off on the first hole, I was thinking I could use an extra set of eyes as it is easy to lose a disc on the partially wooded course. Right then, I hear someone call my last name, and to my surprise, a couple of my good buddies from up north decided to come down and play too. So the 6 of us played a fun and hot round as the normally-windy air had hardly a breeze. After the round, the guys headed back up north and I squeezed in one more round by myself before hitting the road too.

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