Annapolis, Maryland

I spent the past weekend up in Annapolis, Maryland to visit my father and explore a few lighthouses in the Chesapeake Bay. After flying up Friday night, my dad and I got up early Saturday morning to catch a boat tour out of the Annapolis Maritime Museum in the Eastport section of downtown Annapolis. I had originally planned to go by myself so I was excited that my father joined me as we sailed out to the Thomas Point Shoal lighthouse.

Built in 1875, the Victorian-style screw-pile house is one of Maryland’s most recognizable sights and it was pretty amazing to look at as we approached the historic light. After arriving at the shoal, we went inside the house to learn all about its history and its future, as the inside is being restored back to its 19th century setting and also the 1930’s. Not only did I get a kick out of exploring the house, complete with the faux chirping osprey to keep the seagulls away from the light, I also enjoyed the stories of a former Coast Guard seaman on the boat who used to work in the light back in 1970 and hadn’t been back since until this trip. He also showed us a few pictures he took of the light back then.

My father and I then had a delicious lobster lunch in the historic downtown section. I then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and photographing all the cool sites and historic buildings, including touring the Hammond-Harwood House, which was built in 1774. As I walked back to downtown dock, I found out another boat cruise was going back out to Thomas Point light. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the photos I took of the outside of the light in the morning, I decided to go back out where I got some great late afternoon shots of the light.

I woke up Sunday morning uncertain of the weather since it was supposed to rain, but after playing tennis with my dad for a while, I was hoping the sunny weather would continue throughout the day. And sunny it did stay as I went on yet another boat tour out of downtown to the Thomas Point light again. We also sailed under the Bay Bridge and out to the Sandy Point Shoal and the Baltimore Harbor lights, The lighthouse keeper tour guide gave some great history about the area and the lights and how the Baltimore light was bought by four investors, whom a few were out on the light painting the exterior and soaking up the sun.

I then met up with my dad and his wife, and my nephew and his wife, for lunch, where my nephew and I celebrated our birthdays at the Sakura Japanese Steak & Seafood House. It was a great way to cap off a fun weekend full of lighthouses, history and sunshine.

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