Delray Beach gardens and parks

I spent Saturday morning and afternoon at a few of my old stomping grounds that I used to always go to when I moved to Delray Beach from Virginia 11 years ago. I always loved living in Delray and one of the main reasons was the fun downtown section, where I relived a few memories while strolling along Atlantic Avenue during the early morning. I spent a few minutes on the beach too, but decided to cut it short to head over to the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, also in Delray Beach.

I used to love meandering through the Asian gardens but hadn’t been back in about 10 years. I’m sorry I waited so long as the gardens got a facelift in 2001 and is now even nicer than I remember it. As I strolled along the meandering paths and the small bridges that offered great views of the lake, the refreshing sounds of waterfalls and birds filled the radiant day. There is also an open-aired Japanese apartment complete with a flat garden in the middle and different rooms to explore, including a meditation room, where you are asked to remove your footwear. I then headed over to the museum that was featuring Japanese TV and movie monsters from the 60’s and 70’s, including the infamous Godzilla. A big fan of those movies growing up, it was great to see and marvel at how many different monsters were created back then, with over 100 figures.

I then went across the street to the American Orchid Society Botanical Garden. This wasn’t here ten years ago, so it was nice to check out a new place. Not nearly as big as Morikami, the quaint garden was full of lush greenery, blooming flowers and a beautiful fountain that greets as you first enter the garden. I was also very impressed with the greenhouse.

I next drove south to South County Park in western Boca Raton. Another spot I used to visit and rollerblade at on a regular basis, it’s been about five years since I was last here and I immediately went o my favorite part of the park – Daggerwing Nature Center. Featuring a super-cool exhibit hall, there is also a nice boardwalk to leads to an observation tower that overlooks the park. I thought about getting my blades out but decided to move on instead to my next stop – Quiet Waters Park.

Located in Deerfield Beach, this park features a lake that is great for cable waterskiing, in which you can waterski or kneeboard while a cable pulls you around the lake. There are also ramps and jumps for the more adventurous skiers. I’ve never tried this and although i didn’t take the plunge this time, I will definitely have to give a go in the future. It’s probably been a good five years since i was last here too.

After coming back home to relax a bit, I headed down to the beach just down the street to have dinner with a good friend at the Aruba Beach Cafe and then we were treated to a sea turtle nest hatching, where 50 babies made a break for the high seas. Not only was it thrilling to watch, it was the perfect end to a great day:

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