Greenacres Disc Golf – Lake Worth Beach

Another new disc golf course is on the horizon here in South Florida at Okeeheelee Park in Greenacres, which is just southwest of West Palm Beach. But before the park finalizes it, they want to see what kind of turnout would show up for a tournament and how the course would be laid out. So a one-day two-round fundraising tournament was held at the park on Saturday with almost 40 players showing up. The steamy hot morning was cooled by the hovering clouds and threatening storm but luckliy it didn’t rain during the first round. However, the start of the second round was interrupted for about half an hour due to a thunderstorm. Once it passed, the game was on again and sunny skies prevailed once more. I didn’t shoot so well, finishing in the middle of the pack, but I was more excited to hear that the park was very impressed with the tourney and the course layout, and baskets will hopefully be in the ground within the next few months. Ironically, this course has been around for about 10 years but only as an object course in which you have to throw your disc at a tree. There has been talk over the years of getting baskets at this course but for whatever reason, it always fell through.

After the tournament, I went over to the park’s nature center and even though it was closed, I went hiking on the trails behind it. I always love going on these trails everytime i visit this park. I then headed east and went to Lake Worth Beach. Only my second time there, I enjoyed a nice evening stroll and checked out the fishing pier. I then walked around the historic downtown section, which I’ve been to a few times but not in quite a while.

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