St. Michaels, Maryland

I flew to Maryland this past weekend for my nephew’s wedding in Royal Oak on the Eastern Shore. I left early Saturday morning where I landed in Baltimore. After my father picked me up from the airport, we drove back to his place where we met the rest of the gang. We then drove across the Bay Bridge over to St. Michaels. My relatives and I had a nice lunch there and I went to check out the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where I went inside the Hooper Strait lighthouse. We then headed over to Royal Oak for the wedding at the Oaks Waterfront Inn. The outdoor wedding was very nice, with the waterfront serving as the backdrop. We then enjoyed a fun reception inside the banquet hall, with plenty of dancing and good times. And as an extra bonus, there was a cool fireworks display over the water. I was able to get the whole show on video, despite the fact my camera was frantically blinking that the battery was about to run out.

After a long day and a late night, it was real nice to sleep in for a change, as I spent most of Sunday watching the World Cup matches with my dad. I then flew back home that evening.

One thought on “St. Michaels, Maryland

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