Palm Beach Zoo and parks

I spent this past Saturday up north in West Palm Beach, where my made my first stop at the Palm Beach Zoo. I’ve been to the zoo twice before but not since 4 years ago. I remember back then how much I liked the improvements they had made over the first time I went. So I was happy to see even more new features at this small but fun zoo. Pretty much being the first one there, I had the whole zoo to myself for a while and I was able many of the animal’s early morning activities, in particular, the super-coll tiger exhibit which pretty much puts you face to face with the famous beast. He was in a walking mood as he kept pacing around his impressive exhibit, allowing me to get some great photos of him. I also really enjoyed the Mayan Temple feature at the African part. Another one of my favorite features I’ve always enjoyed there was the pioneer house which features the very playful otters. I then went right next to the zoo to Dreher Park, which has a nice paved path that meanders throughout this beautiful park and along the pretty lakes there.

I then went to Dreher Park, which is located right behind the zoo. This beautiful park features a nice paved path that meanders along a few lakes that are great for fishing. There is also a tall mound that overlooks a small butterfly garden. The park is divided into two parts, with the south side across the street from the zoo. I next made my to the south section for some more hiking and photo opportunities. Since I was up north, I then decided to play the West Palm disc golf course.

As I made my way further north towards the course, I surprisingly came across a couple new parks I’ve never been to before. The first was the Apoxee Urban Wildlife Preserve, which contains miles of hiking and biking trails. I went on a short hike before moving on, where I next came upon Dyer Park. I  wasn’t sure if I had been there before but I didn’t recognize the big hill with the paved trail around it. My next park was Grassy Waters Preserve, which I’ve been to many times before but not since I went on a moonlight canoe trip a couple years ago. The half mile boardwalk was full of birdwatchers, and the sunny day made for some nice photos. I then drive about a mile down the road to PGA National Park for a quick round of golf.

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