Southeast Coast Trip – Day 16 (Georgia/Florida)

I really wished I had time to play this course the day before because I was so umimpressed with the Hinesville course and its layout, I only played five of the nine holes before moving on. But before I hit my next course, I saw a few signs for a fort and nature center just due east. So I went to check both of them out, but unfortunately, both were closed. I wasn’t having the best start to the last day of my trip. But that was all about to change as I reached my next course at an Episcopalian Church retreat in Waverly called Honey Creek.

Not quite sure where hole 1 was, I started on hole 12 and my very first throw there went in the basket for a 171-foot hole-in-one.  Suddenly, the day seemed much brighter. I really enjoyed this course, not only because of the ace but the scenery was a sight to see. I then made my way back into Florida, where my first stop was in Mayport, which is just east of Jacksonville. I was just there a few weeks earlier checking out the St. Johns River lighthouse, but I wasn’t crazy about the cloudy pictures I got so I went to get some nice sunny photos of it. I then hit the Jacksonville course, which I have made a ritual of playing whenever I travel up the east coast. I played a couple more courses, one in Cocoa and the other in Fort Pierce before I finally made it back home and just in time for the Survivor finale.

After all was said and done, I spent 16 days on the road, traveled over 3500 miles, saw 28 lighthouses of which I climbed to the top of 10 of them, played 40 rounds of disc golf at 34 courses (23 of them for the first time – this now brings my total courses played to 403), took over 3000 photos, went on 11 boat trips, had a ton of fun and came back with a lifetime of memories.

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