Southeast Coast Trip – Day 10 (Virginia)

After one more breakfast with my sister, her husband, her mother-in-law and, of course, my niece at the D’Egg Diner, everyone parted ways, including my niece, who had to go to work, so I decided to spend most the day around Norfolk, checking out the different attractions, including the beautiful Norfolk Botanical Garden. I wasn’t expecting this place to be so big and pretty, and I ended up staying a couple hours there. I could have easily spent a couple more hours there too.

I then went just down the road to the Virginia Zoo. A cute but small zoo, I was very impressed with the different animal exhibits and particularly liked the praire dog exhibit, where you can stick your head out in a bubble to feel like you’re right there with them.

I next drove over towards the beach and visited the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. This aquarium also had a super-cool shark exhibit, where you go into a mock submarine to view the sharks through the portholes. There was even ping sound effects to add to the experience. This unique place also has a short boarwalk that connects to another aquarioum area that features marsh life. Unfortunately, though, the otter exhibit was under repair, but I did get to see one as I was making my way back along the boardwalk.

And speaking of boardwalks, I next went back to Virginia Beach and the same area where I had dinner at the night before to relive some of my days here when I was much younger. I used to love biking along the boardwalk and spend all day on the beach. But now that I live right next to one, I only spent an hour or so back at this stomping ground.

I next drove a bit up north towards Hampton, where I stopped by Fort Monroe to visit the Old Point Comfort lighthouse. While there, I was also able to see the Thimble Shoals lighthouse out in the water. I then made my way a little further north into Virginia to a bed & breakfast called the Sycamore Haven House in a small town called Susan. I had an incredible steamed seafood dish at Chef Todd’s Family Restaurant in another nearby small town called Mathews.

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